An Open Letter to Indian Parents

– Samyukta Kamat, II BBA  Respected Indian Parents, This is an open letter to you. This is not to humiliate you (read the whole letter before you jump into obvious conclusions or are quick to take offence, as you normally do) but to inform you on what we feel our relationship has turned into. To…


Under the blanket of patriotism

– Shreya Chopda, II B.Com “Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is best in the world because you were born in it.” – George Bernard Shaw Patriotism is not a tool for nation building. Each nation feels superior to other nations. This inevitably breeds patriotism – and war. What should have fundamentally been…


The Spinster’s Mystery

– Puneeth A P, II B.Com I had remained indoors all day as the weather had taken a sudden turn to rain. With my body on one chair and my legs upon another, I had surrounded myself with a cloud of fiction books. None impressed me, but one. I took my newly purchased iphone from…


Divergence Debate-2016

Divergence Debates is a debate series, organized as part of the intra-college literary fest Ellipsis, in which the students of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce will debate on issues ofcontemporary relevance. Divergence Two – 2016 The Motion: In the contemporary world conditional freedom is just another form of policing.



 Ellipsis is the intra-collegiate literary festival of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. Ellipsis, a sequence of three dots, can express what a lot of words can’t. Imagination begins after ellipsis. The reader becomes the author after ellipsis. Literature lives in the minds of readers after ellipsis. The festival has three sections: Breaking Waves – Speaking events Drifting…


A Nervous Nervous System

– Leeanne Patel, III BBA (Written for my grandfather, who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for more than twenty five years) The bees are at it again They are thoughts, and his mind Is a locked up beehive, no way out Swarming, buzz, constant murmur He sits, stares, waits for slumber — Bony Body, toothless…


A Shade Too Strange

– Anoushka Fernandes, I BBA Sitting at his desk Homer looked around the office. Each cubicle encompassed its own world. The smoking cigarettes and ringing phones were deaf to his ears, background noise. He looked at those sad souls, lost in life’s mundanity. He strolled out of the office. His desk was left scattered with papers…