Change is the only constant

– Alamelu L

Progress is impossible without change. The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it and move within. This academic year, a number of changes have been made for the betterment of student and staff community at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce.

The first noticeable change when anyone enters college is the brand new flooring. The old stone tile flooring in the ground floor has been replaced with bright marble flooring.

Inclusion of a new evening batch for B.Com students is a very big step and this change has brought in additional 80 new faces with diversified talents to the Josephite family. Class hours for this new batch are from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

College timing for the regular batch has also undergone various changes this year, with classes commencing at 9.00 am and ending at 3.00 pm.  There is a short break after two hours of class, and the lunch break is from 1.00pm to 2.00pm.

This year, a new Vice Principal, Ms. Nirmala Joseph, has been appointed to assist the Principal. The Student Governor for this academic year has also changed; with Ms. Sneha Rai handing over her duties as governor of the Student Council to Ms. Veenu Joy. A new post called ‘Travel & Tourism Coordinator’ has been included in the Student Council for the benefit of the B.Com TT students.

Last but not the least, the college website has been updated and the design has been changed to improve its appearance and make it user-friendly. Important links for syllabi and other important documents are made available on the website.

The college has undergone numerous changes from the previous year. Although these changes were difficult to accept initially, they have now become part of the daily life at SJCC. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce has been ranked as the 8th best college in India. We hope that these changes continue to lead to development and progress of our college.

–  Alamelu L