What Summer Internship Taught Us

– Kuldeep Rao

As a part of the academic requirement, students transitioning from the second year to the third are required to undergo an internship training programme during the summer vacation. The aim of the programme was to help students gain insight into the real world of employment, and aid them in making career choices.

This year, the students joined a wide variety of organizations – from major corporate companies to booming start-ups, from investment banks to PR companies for eminent sports persons, from manufacturing companies to those which offered hospitality services and so on.  When asked about the experience, most of the students felt it was rewarding in quite a few ways and were glad that they’d gone through it.

The programme was a wake-up call for the students, as they realised that soft skills held a great value to employers and was a much needed skill set for career development. Secondly, they realised that the education they’ve received thus far is not the completion of learning, but a base and springboard for so much more. Many of them who were previously oblivious to what they wanted out of their careers were able to make more sense of what they wanted to, or did not want to pursue, as the internship was as much a learning programme as it was an employment opportunity. Quite a number of them spoke about realising the value of hard earned money, and the challenge of balancing job satisfaction with income. While income was one factor, the defining point for many of them was the observation of the fact that human interaction still played an important role in this world of computers and automation.

All in all, the students were quite thankful that they’d been given the opportunity to learn as much and were back in time to begin the completion of their final year, with a much clearer picture of what lay on the road ahead.