Swirled Up Beliefs

Violets blooming out of season, is considered as bad luck,
Scratching your right palm, may reap in couple of bucks.
What if?
A black cat cuts across your path!
Well, it just implies, the cat is bustling on its way,
It’s on you to stupor in superstition or just move away.

Flowers given on Friday aid good fortune,
Throw it away, leads to misfortune.
A dimple on your chin, disclose a devil within,
A mole on your arm, may do you no harm.
A mole on your back, fetch money by the sack.
A mole on your lip, makes you a witty flip.

Whirling the clock to the past,
When tribes turned their backs on the sun,
Adored the ‘Dark Radiant Night’, and
Despaired to spot an owl in daylight!
Well, they assert people in confusion
Are prone to believe in superstition.

Now some say they don’t believe anything at all!
But doesn’t basketball make you tall?
Or a person losing hair, facing utter despair?
Or a sorrowful weep, can lure you to sleep?
Are these superstitious too?
Or they sound marvelous to be true.

We live in a world filled with frivolous beliefs,
Believing in them may not convey to be a relief;
As these are just our lucid illusion,
For we are here to live and die, and
Anything else is just a delusion.

                                                – Leon Pereira


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