Considering Contemplation

Windowless room I reside in,
The setting sun now akin,
Breathing in, this condemned sin.

Saw what you did see, but did not see what you saw.
Set to fail, by the skull embedded nine inch nail.
Condemned by the leech where my sanity is to breach.
Embraced by the voice to carry on, reviving this charred carrion.

Looking back, running away from myself…
Reliving the clockwork from the bookshelf…
Longing for the dawn to remain itself.

Impressions upon the water. My mind’s apostate.
Crevice sown reflection, a concurrent agate.
Converged upon the divergence of 1.618.
Calling upon sanctum black to reincarnate.

Stagnant upon the river bridge.
Rumination of the diaphanous deluge.
The soil of percipience now saturated…. Eroded…
Weighed down by temptation…

Considering contemplation.

                                           – Arnab Chakravarty


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