Shutter up the photo-man

                                                                                                                                       – Srikar

He was wiping his Canon Lenses with his specially imported Chinese Silk fabric. Still unsure how he succeeded in bargaining by talking in Malayalam with those Mandarin tongued yellows, he was proud of himself. After all he was the next big thing in the little world of photography!

He could make big things look small and small things look big. And more importantly, his line of expertise included the art of ‘Candid photography’. He would make the select few folks pose according to the parameters set by him for it to be called as ‘Candidness’ and clicks their photos! And oh boy, aren’t those ‘Candid pics’ a treat to our eyes?

He at last finishes wiping his Canon lenses. He was getting himself ready for the big day. A photographer has to deal with a lot of Crop and Crap, and undoubtedly this young chap had to face the latter every day. But that was his big day. After working from different angles and getting his focus right, he finally bagged his perfect picture moment of having called to shoot a famous Television serial actor’s Cab Driver’s house warming ceremony! Well, that was indeed an Aperture in his Photographic life. But in his real life, his aperture wasn’t that bright, all because of the void that his ex-flame created, the exposure that he still couldn’t fill in.

He had the best Girlfriend one could ever ask for. She was straight out of Instagram, who got hitched to this guy straight out of Snapchat stories. Apparently she heard somewhere that ‘Photographers work well in the dark’, but it was a pity that she misunderstood the context of that statement. Her love for him did not fit in his Aspect Ratio, the White Balance increased and his love story ended before he could say ‘Cheese’. His romance ended with a faster Shutter speed.

He hung his camera sling bag around his neck and started walking towards the big day of his life. His life was to be changed forever, on that very day. That’s what he thought, but the redeye of fate leaves no stone unturned!

He walked towards the Personal Assistant of the Soap-serial actor’s renowned Cab driver. She was plump, stout and incredibly short and all that our Photographer friend could think was of making her as his perfect Background for few of his ‘Candid shots’. With the gusto of being the premier Photo-artist of his age, he walked towards the old lady brandishing his Canon Cam. Minolta makes the best bodies, Nikon makes the best lenses, Canon makes the best compromise.

“I’m here for the photo shoot” declared our professional cameraman to the old lady.
She merely glanced at him and with a hint of sheer ignorance, pointed him towards a dusty ledger lying on the table and said “Sign here!”

There were around hundred names already present on the ledger. Supposedly random amateurs trying to earn few biscuits, thought our Photographer. With an arrogance rushing through his deep voice, he said “Sorry. I’m a Professional Photographer! A paid one, who was invited to click pictures here!”

The lady was clearly found disturbed by his impudence. She smirked at him sarcastically and said “The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera, not by clicking photos here” and shunted him off!

He was clearly bewildered by the turnaround of events. He was left flabbergasted. Before he could think of a suitable reply, he heard many adolescent voices shouting in the background. Kids of ages 12 to 40 were handling cameras of various sizes and make. Everyone was a photographer in that room.

He was humiliated by what had just happened. There was no respect for the immense talent that he possessed. After all he is a Professional Photographer! After-all he owns his own Photography Page in his Facebook account.

“Freeze” shouted a thirteen year old Professional Photographer wielding his camera. His moments zoomed in and zoomed out and finally started fading away towards a different candidness. And he cannot Shutter up…




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