First Bell

– Pratima Prakash

As I grumpily shut my alarm clock, the sunlight streaming through the curtains jolted me to reality. Today was the day I graduate from being a “school student” to a “college girl”. Today was my first day in college.  On my way to college, a zillion anxious thoughts about my first day crossed my mind.

“Am I going to be socially accepted?”
“Am I making the right decision?”
“Am I going to enjoy the next 3 years of my life?”It was series of never ending ‘am I’s’, and even the calm Bangalore weather could not  to compose me.

As I walked into my new college campus, my second home for the next 3 years, fear and nervousness gripped me. I was overwhelmed by the  groups of energetic, cheery teenagers, all excited to begin a new chapter in their lives. Making my way to class, I settled myself into a quite corner, too shy and nervous to interact with anybody. A pang of nostalgia hit me, as I missed the familiarity of my old school, and the laughter of my friends. Soon, a friendly lecturer walked in, introducing herself as our class mentor, and asked us to introduce ourselves. By the time it was my turn, I so nervous that I ended up tripping and fell flat on my face. A few people helped me up, while the entire classroom howled in laughter, instantly making me turn red with embarrassment. However , looking at my teacher’s amused face, and my classmates’ cheeky grins, I felt weirdly at ease. Having completely forgotten about my earlier fiasco, I went on to introduce myself to the class, particularly emphasizing on my clumsiness. As the day progressed, I learnt to let go of my inhibitions and fears, and began to interact with the people around me. It was then that I began to take note of my surroundings. The entire college had a very positive and enthusiastic vibe, with bright corridors, a series of cultural activities and a friendly faculty.

When the bell rang, I watched as groups of eager students piled out of class, talking animatedly to each other. This time, however, I felt a strange sense of belonging and acceptance amidst these people.  In some ways, college is a lot like Bangalore city, always bustling with energy and activity .The cosmopolitan crowd, a myriad of opportunities and the optimistic attitude of the people, all bearing a strong resemblance to namma Bengaluru. As I was leaving college, I read the board saying “St Joseph’s College of Commerce” and  smiled to myself. I was now officially  a  Josephite.  Here’s to new beginnings, and a bucketful  of everlasting memories.


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