Smoke and Fire

– Saghar Ada

Even if my wings are broken
Even if my mouth has been sealed shut
Even if the devils and predators of our time
Are sitting on my way and blocking my path
Still, I am not hopeless, neither am I tired.
As I’m liberated within, from heart and mind
I will not longer be enslaved as your captive.
I am a free soul whose path liberty has inspired.

A weak willow Tree is not who I am
Who would easily tremble with fear.
Whatever storm you bring my way
I have the courage to hold my frontier.
My decision I will not reverse no matter
How much pain you bring my way.

I stand tall with my stature, thoughts as high as the sky
Even if the sting of your tongue brings tears to my eyes
Or if the blade of your gaze tries to cut my soul and cause my demise.
Bring forth no matter what you can
I won’t bow to you no matter what you plan
Because I know the day will finally come
When to my sky high thoughts you will finally succumb.

I am from the generation of smoke and fire
You better be aware!
I have tested and tried death for a lifetime
You better be aware!
Don’t you dare question my path or forbid my thoughts!
I am smoke, I am fire
You better be aware!

(Saghar Ada is a BBA student at SJCC and is from Afghanistan)


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