A Nervous Nervous System

– Leeanne Patel, III BBA

(Written for my grandfather, who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for more than twenty five years)

The bees are at it again
They are thoughts, and his mind
Is a locked up beehive, no way out
Swarming, buzz, constant murmur
He sits, stares, waits for slumber

Bony Body, toothless mouth
“What?” response to his words unsung
His mind the only thing that speaks
What use? For it has no tongue

His main source of pain
Is heavy sedation
Hallucination generation
Alas! He cannot join the world of the hipsters

The buzzing gets louder
His body gets weaker
His wife gets sadder
He goes madder

His mind is Saint Peter, locked up
In his anatomy
Silent cries
Who will be his angel in disguise?

I want to
Reach into your beehive
Pull out all the bees
Speak to each of them
And know them well

I want to
Bring your tired body back to life
Push you down
Watch you get up
Please yell at me again for that spilled water cup

The nervous system is finally nervous
The bees have turned their beehive porous


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