Under the blanket of patriotism

– Shreya Chopda, II B.Com “Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is best in the world because you were born in it.” – George Bernard Shaw Patriotism is not a tool for nation building. Each nation feels superior to other nations. This inevitably breeds patriotism – and war. What should have fundamentally been…


The Spinster’s Mystery

– Puneeth A P, II B.Com I had remained indoors all day as the weather had taken a sudden turn to rain. With my body on one chair and my legs upon another, I had surrounded myself with a cloud of fiction books. None impressed me, but one. I took my newly purchased iphone from…


Divergence Debate-2016

Divergence Debates is a debate series, organized as part of the intra-college literary fest Ellipsis, in which the students of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce will debate on issues ofcontemporary relevance. Divergence Two – 2016 The Motion: In the contemporary world conditional freedom is just another form of policing.



 Ellipsis is the intra-collegiate literary festival of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. Ellipsis, a sequence of three dots, can express what a lot of words can’t. Imagination begins after ellipsis. The reader becomes the author after ellipsis. Literature lives in the minds of readers after ellipsis. The festival has three sections: Breaking Waves – Speaking events Drifting…