Ellipsis is the intra-collegiate literary festival of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce.

Ellipsis, a sequence of three dots, can express what a lot of words can’t. Imagination begins after ellipsis. The reader becomes the author after ellipsis. Literature lives in the minds of readers after ellipsis.

The festival has three sections:

Breaking Waves – Speaking events

Drifting Earth – Writing events

Rising Tide – Sketching Events

The festival will conclude with Divergence Debates, a grand student debate on a contemporary issue.

Breaking Waves – Speaking events

1.Wave One: Scheherazade – Narration contest

Narrate a story or an incident and hold the attention of the audience for five minutes.

2.Wave Two: Socrates – Disputation contest

Speak. Dispute. Defend.

Make a statement and defend it from your opponent’s disputations. Listen to your opponent’s statement and dispute it.

3.Wave Three: Shakespeare – Soliloquy contest

Prepare and perform a soliloquy based on a scene given to you.

Drifting Earth–Writing Events

1.Drift One: Persona- Fiction writing contest

Use the visual and aural cues to create fiction.

2.Drift Two: Reminisce – Autobiographical essay contest

Write an autobiographical essay based on the theme provided.

3.Drift Three: Motif– Poetry contest

Use the visual and aural cues to compose a poem.

Rising Tide–Sketching Events

  1. Tide One: Historietas – Comic Sketching

Use the given topic to sketch a comic story.

2.TideTwo: Esine – Object Sketching

Use the given object given to you to sketch and create a story.

  1. Tide Three: Escena – Scene Sketching

Use the given excerpt from a story or a novel to sketch the scene.


First Place: Book Coupons worth Rs. 500

Second Place: Book Coupons worth Rs. 300


Ellipsis 2016 Schedule of EventsContact Anjana of II B.Com C (7760608536) for further details


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