Rocks of Empathy

– Christopher Dadi 2 BCOM B


My mind tries to make sense of the waves I see
The blue sky, cobalt sea
Waves crashing along the rocks at my feet
Drops of water in multitudes of wonder
Seep into the crevices of the rocks leading to an enigmatic abyss
I sit by the rocks
A habit of mine
Since my father taught me as a child
The boulders along my feet
Slippery, begging me to sleep in the sea
I start to pace along pieces of gravel
My head drowned in the depths of my thoughts
Thoughts of a different colored sky
A different sea
A different time
Faded memories now
Washed away by the tides of time
And yet they seep into my mind
Like waves embracing the rocky shoreline I see
I pace from boulder to boulder
Trying not to slip into the blue expanse I dread will consume my mind with melancholy
The sound of waves is the only music I hear
And the horizon
Hazy, yet palatable
The flight from empathy is infinte
For none can escape its desire to consume and drown
I miss a step
The cobblestone turns to glass under my feet
And I slide into the sea
The stones I once believed
Would keep me safe from the sea
Betrayed me
I fall into the waters of oblivion
My body scratched from the fall along the rocks
My head lost in the sea I feared it would drown away in
And so I drown away in what is left of my soul
In a sea once forgotten
Until I find my way back to the rocks of empathy

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