The Sky Above Is Common For Everyone

For the first time I saw the posh roads with so many lights, vehicles and thousands of people moving around so fast. I felt very small that day. ‘How will I even enter this world of competition? Am I capable of doing something?’


My Journey So Far

– Saghar Ada, BBA I am Saghar Ada, a 22 year old girl and a BBA-third-year student of St. Josephs College of Commerce, Bangalore. I have had many different experiences studying in India. First, it has made me mature. The context of Indian mixed society made it possible for me to meet and learn from…

My Journey With The Phantom Menace

 – Kevin Stanley, I BBA Ever had a person follow you around? He creeps behind you as you go on with life. As time goes by you get used to him. In a crowd you hope he isn’t there, but when you’re alone, you want him. Years pass and he finally reveals himself. And now…