Divergence Debates

Divergence Debates is a debate series, organized as part of the intra-college literary fest Ellipsis, in which the students of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce will debate on issues of contemporary relevance.

Divergence One – 2015

The Motion: ‘Equality’ is still a token word for women in India


The debate will proceed in the below mentioned manner:

  1. Divergence Debates will follow the Doha Debates model.
  2. A motion will be moved and three speakers will defend and three speakers will oppose the motion.
  3. A select audience will vote for or against the motion before the debate begins.
  4. The moderator will introduce the motion with his/her opening remarks.
  5. Each speaker will get five minutes to defend/oppose the motion.
  6. The moderator will then interrogate each speaker and throws open the floor to the audience for questions.

Another vote will be taken at the end of the debate to determine the most convincing group and also the best speaker of the debate.

Contact Ditya Krishna at 9036794032 for further details.

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