A Nervous Nervous System

– Leeanne Patel, III BBA (Written for my grandfather, who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for more than twenty five years) The bees are at it again They are thoughts, and his mind Is a locked up beehive, no way out Swarming, buzz, constant murmur He sits, stares, waits for slumber — Bony Body, toothless…

Smoke and Fire

– Saghar Ada Even if my wings are broken Even if my mouth has been sealed shut Even if the devils and predators of our time Are sitting on my way and blocking my path Still, I am not hopeless, neither am I tired. As I’m liberated within, from heart and mind I will not…

A Keyboard Poem

– Rakshitha Sridhar As I sit here Typing out another poem Another one about you Another one whose existence hides in your plain sight I wonder If this poet will ever be your muse.


She glanced at herself, and winced. Trailing her fingers across the mauve smudge of battered dreams, right above her cheekbone. She reached out for her second skin, lying packaged in a pale pink tube. It’s concealed. – Vijetha Jessica

Take One

How many times have you wrapped your lies In shards of glass and fancy bow ties? Then enveloped in glitter, you hid your pain; And mixed your tears with drops of champagne. Your bones weakened in the frozen starlight, Your veins tightened, mocking your fright. And as beauty comes, in vain it goes; Often pompous,…