The Reading Abyss

A thousand splendid books

– Aishwarya Reddy

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as we spent with a favourite book.”   – Anonymous

I started reading as a grudging 6-year-old whose mother refused to read her the rest of the Harry Potter book just as it had gotten interesting. I tried conning her into reading it for me but in the end, even tears wouldn’t work on her. I struggled for the first 50 pages and almost gave up on the 3rd but Harry’s adventures and mom’s stubborness was enough  to make me continue. I was forced into the habit which now can keep me occupied for days together and when mom gets irritated to find my nose buried in a book all the time, she knows she can’t blame me for it. Read More  

Wattpad- the beginning of a journey

– Ditya Krishna  

whatpadAs my computer whizzed to life, I was struggling to keep the events of the day from invading my mind, but clearly doing a miserable job at it. I needed to find an escape. The pressure to perform was mounting and the 15 year old me was struggling to cope. “You need to be at the top of your game” “Your responsibilities as a school leader has to come before your personal interests!”In a bid to distract myself, I began looking for suitable book to review; I stumbled upon a link that said, “Discover a world of unlimited stories.”  It was then that this chanced intervention happened. 4 years hence, I am still trying to get rid of my addiction!  My fingers still subconsciously find themselves typing out the letters on the search engine; still open the same application on my phone, unknowingly. With over 25 million unique visitors per month, over 10 million free books to choose from , over 1000 stories being uploaded per day and 85% of its traffic from mobile devices alone, it is of little surprise that 8 years since it was founded, it remains at the top 5 book applications. One word- WATTPAD. Read More

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