Social Media Networks and Our Relationships

 – Vernon Rodrigues

Social media represents an interaction amongst people where they share information and ideas in a virtual platform. Social media depends on web-based technologies and use of modern telecommunication devices where an individual or a community has the freedom to create, edit, share, express and discuss an issue or an event.

Talking from an individual’s perspective social media has seized our life more than ever before. Mobile phones are never out of our sight and the use of internet for purpose such as WhatsApp Messenger, Skype, Viber and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has taken complete control of our lives and not to forget use of computers for the same purpose of social media communication has given all the more boost required for the same.

Social Media sites are so addicting that youngsters today do not wish to spend time with anything else and they live their relationship in a virtual world at the swipe of a screen. They often choose to talk to each other via mobile phone, Skype or communicate via Facebook because they may be afraid of getting to know each other, face to face. However, by doing this, they are missing out on their partner’s facial expressions or the gestures that the other makes. Emotions are reduced to Likes or Dislikes, smiley faces or other emoticons.

It is also noticed recently many relationships, marriages are always on the verge of breaking as social media platform allows to go back in time or communicate with old friends from school, or former boy/girl friends that you have not had contact in ages and permits you to share your feelings once again without your physical attribute thus leading to suspicion from the other person of the relationship and it worsens when these social media accounts are not transparent enough to the other person in the relationship.

Couples are not communicating with each other as they should in real life. Frequently, they do not argue about things in the usual way, they tend to carry out quarrels in public, as a result, others comment about something that should be solved privately between the couple. The couple do not share their problem with each other rather they share it with everyone else who are irrelevant to the discussion, thus bringing everyone’s viewpoint between the couple instead of two views of the problem.

It is strange to consider the fact that software developers and social network creators are, in real life, not really very social. Most of them are shy people who like to stick to their computers and do not create lasting friendships. Facebook has defined privacy in a new way.  Many things that should be private have become public and vice versa. Social media has changed the world.

Social Media has conquered our lives to such an extent that, they are the last things we worry about when we go to bed and the first things we check on when we get up. In the future more social networks may pop up. We may be able to not only share photos with others but also our shopping lists or our illnesses. More and more sites on the web are telling people to share. The more followers and friends we have the more excited we get. Thus allowing social media change our relationship with others constantly.

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